Where do your ingredients come from?

All Tri Nordik's ingredients are sourced in the USA and all our products are made in the USA.

Do you have any powder supplements?

No, we only work with capsules.  It is all too easy to get the incorrect dosage with those powder scoops.  Secondly, capsules are easier to transport - just put a few in a bag for your days activities.


How often should I take it?

For best results, follow the directions on the product label.  In general, to maximize the effect of our product, we suggest taking it before and during your activity.  

Can I expect to feel a difference?

With our products you should feel an increase in your performance and you should see a higher sustained level of activity and for an extended period of time.  Especially when you push your body to its limits.  If drinking, then the next day you will feel like like you never even drank the night before. 

Will this improve my recovery period?

Yes! Your recovery time should be significantly reduced.  In addition, our testers have often said they feel less soreness and with fewer aches and pains.  Regarding the Hangover Prevention, they say they can function and work normally the next day after a night of putting too many on!

Can I take too much?

Follow the directions on the product label.  

Are any of your products made with nuts or made in a factory with nuts?  I have nut allergy.

No.  None of Tri Nordik's products have any nuts or are made in a factory that handles nuts. Only our employees and interns are nuts.

Does Tri Nordik use Gluten Free ingredients?

Yes, for all of our products.

Are any of your supplements Sugar-Free?

Yes, all of them.  

Are any of your supplements Vegan?

Yes, all of them.

Are any of your supplements Non-GMO?  

Yes, all of them.

Are any of your supplements Organic?

Yes, all of them.

Are any of your supplements Soy-Free?

Yes, all of them.

Does the Hangover Prevention really work?

Yes, we are in major bars and nightclubs because it works!