TriNordik Announces Partnership with Owlz Pub

Thomas Elleboe

For Immediate Release

Contact:         Press Department

                        880 Marietta HWY, STE 630-110

                        Roswell, GA 30075

Phone:            770.818.6037


Date:               August 10, 2018


TriNordik Announces Partnership with Owlz Pub

The newest re-seller for TriNordik’s Hangover Prevention

 Kennesaw, GA, USA – August 10th, 2018 – The owners, Kyle and Mike, of Owlz Pub have enthusiastically embraced TriNordik’s Hangover Prevention as way to help their patrons save their next day.  Additionally, it has increased their bottom line. With the sprawling Kennesaw State University close by, customers often have work or school to deal with after a night out and are therefore in need of a proven product that will get them back on their feet the next morning. 

Owlz Pub: 3655 Cherokee St NW #16, Kennesaw, GA 30144

TriNordik is revolutionizing the way people deal with hangovers.  By being available at the bar, patrons will have ready access to the most powerful anti-hangover product on the market.  This easily dissolvable powdered formula is added to a cup or bottle of water and consumed at the end of the party or after one too many drinks.  

TriNordik’s Hangover Prevention is a healthy, clinically formulated powder that helps the body neutralize the toxins (mainly acetaldehyde and ROS), restores vital vitamins and nutrients, and rehydrates the body after drinking.

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