Cloudland Canyon Park

Oscar Robles

Cloudland Canyon Park

As an outdoor enthusiast is always great to find new places to explore and to take an all day trip with my wife for a hike, which sometimes will also include our 2 year old dog Monk. For this trip we were going with friends, so Monk didn’t join us.

Cloundland Canyon was a place I had wanted to explore for a few years now, so when our friends said they were planning a trip, we didn’t hesitate to get on board, I knew it was going to be an amazing experience for us!

Located in Rising Fawn, GA, Cloudland Canyon was quite the drive for us. A good 2 hrs each way from our home in Canton, GA, so we prepared to leave early, a decision that I encourage everyone to make when visiting this park.

As soon as we got there, the views this park offer are amazing! We got all of our stuff ready, and started our adventure.  First, we headed to the parks overlook, which offered a majestic view of the canyon, as well as the mountains.  Experiencing this already made the long trip worth the time.  We then headed to the trails that take you down the canyon.  Rocky trails, trees, wildlife, all of it comes together as you go deep down the canyon.  Once at the bottom, we got to experience a bigger surprise Cloudland has to offer, the trails runs along a set of waterfalls that makes the long hike easy to go through!
Cloudland Canyon Waterfall

Cloudland Canyon Park has so much to offer, from a one day hiking trip with family or friends, to a weekend or week-long stay.  They have camping grounds, cottages, yurts, RV campsites and lots of options to satisfy your outdoor needs! Go to to learn more about what Cloudland has to offer.


-Oscar Robles


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