Blankets Creek

Oscar Robles


Blankets Creek


-A mountain biking experience for everyone-

 Blankets Creek Welcome Sign

Mountain biking has been a part of my life for so many years now.  Before moving to the US, I spent most of my high school years riding my bike everywhere I could. I’m not even close to being a pro, but I consider to be your casual rider (even though I still need to work on the jumping portion lol). 


When I first learned about the trails at Blankets Creek, I was so excited to go check them out. I ran to my closest Walmart and bought a bike! (A decision I would soon learn to be the wrong one). The day finally came, I made it to Blankets Creek. Got my gear on and hit the trails.  It was a perfect summer day, I was already half way on my ride, when all of a sudden that purchase decision reared its ugly head; my front crank set couldn’t handle the trail demands any longer and decided that it should break off! I had to walk about 2 miles back to my car, not the greatest moment of my life. I was so upset I drove straight to my local bike store and got “Paula” a Trek Xcaliber 4.  She has been my companion ever since. 

 Walmart Bike

But that’s Blankets Creek, a set of trails that can deliver to riders of all levels, a great experience. Located in Canton, GA, Blankets has beginners, intermediate, advanced trails, and an expert jump course; a perfect combination for anyone who’s starting this sport, and seeking to improve, or for the adrenaline junkies that have been doing it for years. Blankets is managed by the non-profit organization SORBA Woodstock, you can check their website for more info and trail status. 

 Blankets Creek Trail Map

Its been a few years now since that first experience at Blankets, but many rides and crashes later, Blankets still has a special place in my heart.  


-Oscar Robles


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